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Our response to Covid-19

Hello, fellow human. :) 

I'd like to personally welcome you to Triumph Over Technology. 

Our team took over two years to carefully craft this course in order to help you quickly and completely transform your relationship with technology. Our goal was simple: to put you in charge of your digital life, once and for all.

As the Founder of everHuman, a company driven to help human beings to thrive in an ever-accelerating future, I am deeply concerned that millions of people are now stuck at home with little to no contact with the outside world.

Without knowing how to video chat, safely use social media, or otherwise communicate digitally with loved ones - I fear the epidemic of loneliness could be as detrimental to public health as the virus itself.

Furthermore, chaos tends to invite opportunistic threats. I am concerned that those who are not tech-saavy will be early victims of cyber crimes related to this pandemic. 

Triumph Over Technology covers all the most important bases - including having the right mindset to overcome self-doubt and to gain the confidence needed to learn new skills.

I truly believe this course can significantly support you to finally overcome your fears and to learn to take control of your digital life. These skills are especially needed right now, by everyone.

The regular price for this course is $259. However, during this unprecedented moment in history - when the entire world is faced with a global pandemic, we decided to release these valuable lessons to anyone who needs them, regardless of their ability to pay.

That said, like many small business owners, I only get paid when I am actively selling. I rely on my business income to support my family's livelihood.

With that, I put my faith (and this course) in your hands. I trust that you will pay a price you believe is fair, based on the value this content holds for you.

To compensate everHuman for this course, please visit https://paypal.me/everHumanThere, you will be able to designate the amount you believe is fair.

My greatest hope now is that you will learn to harness the incredible power of technology to better connect with those you love during this most difficult time in our world. May you gain the confidence and skills you need to thrive in the digital age - now and into the future.

With support and solidarity,


Break free from your fear of living in the digital age and gain confidence to navigate your smartphone, social media, digital legacy, and more!

Triumph Over Technology is a self-paced, non-technical course designed to help older adults, like you, to break free of your fears of living in the digital age and gain confidence to navigate your smartphone, social media, digital legacy, and more while understanding how to protect your privacy and security.

This course includes lifetime access to:

  • 27 short, engaging video lessons designed to quickly increase comfort and skills
  • A 100-page workbook containing a full transcript of the video courses, plus additional handouts for guiding you through the concepts, in written/picture form.
  • Simple homework assignments to keep you on track and making real progress towards your goals.
  • A community forum that allows students to connect with one another and work together, just like in a live classroom setting.
  • Suggested resources for further learning.

Module 1: Preparing for Success in an Online Course

It’s not about age, it’s about attitude! In this section we’ll cover ways to be successful in taking an online class and with learning new technologies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover why taking an online class is a shortcut to your success.

  • Why strategy over specifics will be our mantra - both in this class and beyond.

  • We’ll challenge your assumptions about your ability to learn technology.

  • You’ll learn how mindset, not age, plays the biggest role in your success as I help you discover your own best path forward.

Module 2: Keeping In Touch

Let's find the fun in connecting with others online! In this module, we’ll cover the tools and programs you can use to communicate from a distance in the digital age. You’ll learn the ins and outs of your smartphone, understand how to use social media correctly, and play around with video chatting. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Complete the setup of a new smartphone and make changes to the device and program settings, or system preferences, according to your personal preferences.

  • Learn to recognize the function of common icons used on your smartphone.

  • Complete a video call or chat with a loved one.

  • Identify the different methods of communication and select the one that matches your intended purpose.

  • Implement best practices for staying safe and protecting personal privacy when using smartphones and online communication.

Module 3: Keeping Records

We’ve all learned the hard way - the more digital files we create, the more we have to manage! In this module, we’ll identify all the different ways digital photos and documents can be created, stored, and organized. I’ll give you a simple 3-step process for finally sorting through the mess of your digital files. And, finally, we’ll explore the fun part of enjoying and sharing all those great photos, videos, and documents you’ve been creating.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the concept of digital storage - what is it, and how is it different from paper files?

  • Clarify the purpose of creating, storing, and sharing digital files in order to better align our file-creation behaviors with our storage/sharing goals.

  • Identify where your digital files are stored, currently, and discover a new way to “keep found things found” according to your own goals.

  • Distinguish the various methods for sharing photos and videos with friends and family.

Module 4: Keeping Safe

Viruses, trojans, phishing...oh, my! In the digital age, how do we protect our privacy, security, and property from cyber-criminals? In Module 4, we’ve got you covered. I’ll start by helping you understand how your digital activities leave a trail behind you, and how you can do a better job at covering those tracks. Next, we’ll talk about how to protect both your computer and mobile devices from malicious software. I’ll give you plenty of tips for avoiding email, internet, and social media scams. And, finally, I’ll walk you through several options for better managing your passwords. Get ready to outsmart the hackers in Module Four: Keeping Safe in the Digital Age.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the concept of a digital footprint - what is it, and how can it be managed?

  • Understand the various methods and tools used by cyber-criminals to manipulate, control, or deceive you through your computer, mobile device, and online accounts.

  • Identify ways to protect yourself from the bad guys through the use of software and changes to your old habits.

  • Improve the way you manage your passwords in order to increase security and reduce your vulnerability to hackers.

Module 5: Keeping What Matters

In Module 5, we’re going to get real about our digital estates. By taking just a few simple steps now, we’ll leave a very special gift for our loved ones - the ability to grieve and to celebrate our lives after we’ve gone, instead of cleaning up our digital messes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know where to start when it comes to organizing and managing your digital assets, now and in the future.

  • Decrease the risk of future identity theft.

  • Get a head start in preparing to pass on or close down your digital estate

  • Ensure a comprehensive end-of-life plan that includes your digital assets.

  • Discover unique ways to tell your story and leave a legacy by taking advantage of today’s technologies.

  • Finally reach closure with this task so you, and your loved ones, can have peace of mind.

  • Nice to meet you!

    About the instructor

    I'm Andrea Bazoin (say "Bah-Zwah"), Founder of everHuman, a company that empowers older adult technology users and work teams to "delight in their digital lives" through expert advice, consulting, workshops, tutorials, and downloadable content.

    I started this company because people I realized there were too many people, like you, who experience daily frustrations using technology, and there are no good services out there to help. Trained IT professionals are there to ensure your machines work, but not there to help you use them. Your kids/colleagues/friends are tired of being your personal tech support, and you are frustrated with having to always ask for help (and feeling unsatisfied with the results).

    I am here for you! Consider me your friendly tech support partner. Together, we will empower you to manage, and even enjoy, your digital life - at any age.

    A bit more about me...

    I hold a Master's degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Washington, Seattle. Prior to launching everHuman in 2016, I spent the previous 13 years of my career working to increase access to higher education for first-generation and other underserved students.

    As an entrepreneur, I enjoy the freedom to more easily prioritize what matters most to me - being there for my family and sharing my skills and knowledge with the community, on my own terms. In my free time, I am a lover of the simplified life. From KonMari to canning, I work to minimize the distractions of modern life (including technology overload) in order to make space for everyday joys.

    Andrea Bazoin, M.Ed.

    Founder, everHuman

    Andrea Bazoin, M.Ed.

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Is Triumph Over Technology Right for me?

You might be thinking, “I’m no good at technology. How in the heck am I supposed to take an online class, when it means I have to use my computer?” Such a great question!

Here’s a good baseline for figuring out if you’re ready to take this course.

  • I’ve searched for a video on YouTube - and watched it.
  • I can compose and send an email, and even delete/reply/forward email messages.
  • I know how to create a folder on my computer, and then find that same folder later.

If you can do those three things, I promise you - you can comfortably take an online course. Especially this course. Because it’s build just for you in mind. There are zero “stupid” questions here - we are all learners (including me). And, if you get stuck, I am here for you every step of the way.

But, is it really worth it?

If you spend at least 10 minutes per day, on average, wringing your hands, scrunching your eyebrows, or pulling your hair out in front of your computer - this adds up to over 60 hours of stressful moments every year! If you think it’s worth it to spend six weeks with a group of like-minded people, learning how to thrive in the digital age - then YES, this course is for YOU!


  • When does the course start and end?

    The course begins as soon as you register, and consists of six modules. To course is designed to be flexible. With six modules, you may choose to watch one per week for six weeks. You may also choose to spend a longer period of time on each section. It's entirely up to you. Through it all, I will be available to answer your questions through the course forum, our Facebook community page, and even through email. You will have lifetime access to the videos and other course materials, so long as everHuman Academy exists. See Terms and Conditions for the nitty gritty legalese.

  • Will this be boring...like 9th grade algebra?

    Goodness, no! I know we just met, but I would never do that to you. I put my heart and soul (and lots of laughs) into creating this course. It took over two years! Plus, I had help from the genius team of David and Brenda from Shadow Play Films. They are hilarious, and I think all the fun we had making these videos really shines through. If you want boring, go get a “For Dummies” book (no offense, For Dummies people). If you want engaging - you’ve come to the right place.

  • How quickly will I see results?

    Well, if you’ve ever had a gym membership, you know the old saying: results may vary. What I can tell you is that I have done everything possible to turn really complicated information into something as simple and straightforward as possible. And, here’s even better news - we don’t start with the techie stuff. Oh no...we start with the heart-centered stuff. I want this course to have a lasting impact on your life! I’ll help you look deep inside and make important decisions about the place you want technology to have in your world. Technology is just a tool - you are the master! And, this is where we’ll begin.

  • What is your refund policy?

    I cannot guarantee any results. I can only do my best to provide you with the most high-quality experience I possibly can. But, if for any reason you don’t feel I kept up my end of the bargain, just email me at andreab@everhuman.io to let me know (within 30 days of your initial enrollment), and I’ll issue you a full refund - no questions asked.

  • How much does the course cost?

    The regular self-investment price for this course is $259. You can access the videos from any internet-connected device (computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone). You'll also be able to download the student workbook and print whatever pages you'd like.

  • Can groups of people take this course together?

    Absolutely! If you're interested in purchasing Triumph Over Technology for your senior living community, faith/affinity group, library, or community organizations, please contact me directly at andreab@everhuman.io to inquire about group rates. For groups, I am able to facilitate live Q&A sessions via a pre-scheduled live webinar. It's like having me in the room, answering everyone's questions.

What students are saying...

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  • Chris Goes

    “Wow! I'm drinking from a firehose. But, funny thing is, I'm getting it. So easy it makes me feel smart. everHuman says, "I'm so glad, Chris! It's easy, because you ARE smart."”

    “Wow! I'm drinking from a firehose. But, funny thing is, I'm getting it. So easy it makes me feel smart. everHuman says, "I'm so glad, Chris! It's easy, because you ARE smart."”

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  • Robert Molison

    “Succinct, relevant, precise. everHuman says, "Thanks so much, Robert. With so much to cover, I'm glad you feel that we're teaching you just the right things."”

    “Succinct, relevant, precise. everHuman says, "Thanks so much, Robert. With so much to cover, I'm glad you feel that we're teaching you just the right things."”

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